Cyberun IT Security Services

Now serving the Upper Ottawa Valley

Located in Ottawa and Pembroke, Ontario, Canada, Cyberun IT Security Services (Cyberun ITSS), a division of Lloyd-Werring Enterprises Inc., provides a comprehensive range of security and privacy services for the Information Technology (IT) industry in both the private sector and government. Cyberun ITSS was founded in 2000 by information security professionals who believe quality security practices are founded on experience, integrity, and education. The overall experience of Cyberun ITSS spans both the commercial and federal business sectors. We are positioned to provide security consulting services to help you secure your networks and the vital corporate data that resides on your servers and to protect the privacy of your clients and employees.

We can, upon your request, develop and deliver custom solutions to help accomplish your project goals - from lengthy large-scale security and privacy requirements to brief problem-solving assignments. Education and awareness, reporting of information findings, and presentations to senior management are frequently given upon request.

Security Management practices, Risk Management, Governance, policies and procedures, physical security, and Privacy are our fort.

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